In today’s modern society, sports and physical activity serve the purpose of building a healthy body and mind. Sports and physical activity in the postmodern era contribute not only to maintaining a healthy body and mind, but also to awakening one’s full potential for a better life. The positive effects of sports and physical activities in our lives have been affirmatively acknowledged in a greater fashion than ever before and have been considered as a major cultural asset in many societies. This phenomenon is commonly observable worldwide regardless of the existing differences in social, cultural, political, and economic patterns.

A rise in the positive affirmation of sports and physical activity has affected and brought Change to the position of physical education and youth sports. Physical education and youth sports no longer remain as a mere education for the “physical,” but serve to advance individuals to develop other abilities such as cognitive and social skills. This holistic approach to physical education and youth sports creates the opportunity and potential for children and youth to initiate sports for life. Consequently, physical education has the potential to affect one’s quality of life by cultivating a healthy body and mind.


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