The Department of chemistry offers Engineering chemistry and common to all branches of undergraduate B.E/B.TECH programmes. The department has independent laboratory fully equipped with instruments and consumables, and advanced equipments for teaching and research activities. The department nurtures creative and entrepreneurial leaders through a broad education in diverse disciplines. The curriculum covers areas which find wide application in today's industry such as water technology, polymer technology, electrochemistry, organic chemistry, spectroscopy, nanomaterials, and Environmental sciences.
The faculty members in the Department are actively involved in research in thrust areas such as Catalysis,
Polymer, Environmental, analytical chemistry and Physical organic chemistry.
The department is ably supported by dedicated and qualified faculty members and non teaching staff member. The faculty members also periodically attend International conferences and seminars both within the country and abroad. Faculty members have contributed to academics by publishing research articles in journals, presenting papers in conferences and delivering guest lectures.


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